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Reading Pals Chico is a local, community-based reading program providing elementary aged children an opportunity for success through one-on-one reading sessions with a committed volunteer. We are concerned citizens who are willing to spend 1-hour a week helping a child learn to read, in turn, building their self confidence and setting them on a path to success.

By fourth grade, students have transitioned from:

This fundamental skill of reading is essential, as it is the cornerstone from which children will go on to learn math, science, history, college and career readiness, and how to become an engaged citizen in our community.

Why Reading?

According to statistics from the US Department of Education as of

2011, only 34% of fourth graders in our public schools in the United

States were proficient readers. Statistics show that children who cannot

read proficiently by fourth grade are four times less likely to graduate from

High School, making them more likely to engage in risky behavior, become

involved in gang activity, and less likely to find employment. 

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