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Rewriting stories through the power of reading.

One Volunteer. One Child. One Hour.







Do you find yourself   wondering...

  • If you actually have the time to volunteer?

  • If reading with one student really makes a difference?

  • If you have the skills to help?

At Reading Pals Chico we understand that volunteer opportunities often require a lot of valuable time and you don’t see tangible results from your efforts. We’ve developed a simple system anyone can use to make a tremendous difference in the life of a child. Our volunteers follow a simple curriculum and invest just 1 hour a week with 1 student. No special skills are needed! From their investment we see 90% of Reading Pals quadruple their reading levels! More than that, we see them gain confidence in themselves and their abilities and maintain their gains through middle school and beyond. Reading with a child doesn’t just teach them to read, it changes the trajectory of their life.

Are you ready to use reading to rewrite stories?

When you volunteer with Reading Pals you can expect...


We didn’t go back to school to relearn phonics either. If you know how to read, you can help a child improve their reading skills.

Each school has a designated site coordinator whose role is to make volunteering simple. They will let you know who you will be reading with and support you during reading sessions.

Reading Pals uses the same reading assessments as the school system. Each student's progress is measured so you can expect a progress report at the end of the year.



Students enrolled in Reading Pals gain 1 year of literacy skills in just 4 months.

Become a volunteer with Reading Pals Chico


Sign Up

After signing up to volunteer, our team will guide you through the district screening process and Reading Pals Training so you can show up with confidence on your first day.


Show Up

You will join your assigned student(s) on campus or *online at the same time and day each week for a minimum of a semester or up-to a year for 30 minute reading sessions. Students look forward to being with their Reading Pals!


*See our online reading session opportunities by clicking Become a Volunteer 


See Change

As your student progresses, you will see a change in their reading. More than that, you will be a part of transforming their self esteem and confidence in their capabilities.

Discover how reading rewrites stories.

What makes Reading Pals Chico so different?

At Reading Pals Chico we understand you care about the next generation and want to give back to your community. But you worry if you have enough time to truly invest. Perhaps you wonder if you have the skills needed. Or maybe you worry that volunteering won’t even make a difference.

We believe every child deserves to become a confident adult well-equipped for a successful life. Inspired by this belief, we partnered with our local schools to help solve one of their greatest challenges… helping all students learn how to read confidently. When a student is able to read with confidence it changes the trajectory of their educational experience. Our simple model: One student, one volunteer, one hour a week has led to over 2,000 students changing the story of their lives. 

When students complete the Reading Pals program, they have gained much more than reading abilities. They walk away filled with self-esteem and confidence to carry them through life.

Help rewrite the story for students in Chico.

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