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Our Challenge

Students who do not read at grade level42%

Why we need your help!

In Chico, our challenge is that 42% of our children are not able to read at grade level. Statistics show that children who cannot read proficiently by fourth grade are four times less likely to graduate from High School, making them more likely to engage in risky behavior, become involved in gang activity, and less likely to find employment.

By fourth grade, students have transitioned from LEARNING TO READ to READING TO LEARN. This fundamental skill of reading is essential, as it is the cornerstone from which children will go on to learn math, science, history, college and career readiness, and how to become an engaged citizen in our community.

We are community members who believe it is our responsibility to partner with local schools to make sure the kids in our neighborhoods have the best chance for success, ensuring the success of our community as well. Will you join us?


We know the problem and we have a solution: engaged citizens who want to tackle the issues one student at a time.

We do this through one-on-one tutoring.

A natural accountability occurs when citizens and educators share the responsibility and work side by side to give each child an opportunity to: 1. Perform at grade level in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics and; 2. Understand fundamental character traits necessary to become good citizens and stewards of our community.

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Our Results

Students improve when someone reads with them!

In 2014-15, our data demonstrates that this year the students enrolled in Reading Pals gained an average of 2.2 months of literacy skills for every month they were enrolled in the program according to their STAR IRL scores. This means that the vast majority of our students are picking up reading skills faster than they did before they were enrolled, as well as beginning to learn at rates that will enable them to catch up to their grade appropriate reading levels.

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